Yongha Yoo

- inkyfox

My personal projects ~>2016


SwiftySQL (Author)

Easy and safe way to write SQL in Swift

RxGoogleMaps (Author)

RxSwift reactive wrapper for GoogleMaps SDK

RxMapKit (Author)

RxSwift reactive wrapper for MapKit

KRWordWrapLabel (Author)

UILabel subclass which provides Word Wrap based on white spaces not depending on languages

SeamlessSlideUpScrollView (Author)

Slide-up UIScrollView/UITableView that can be Scrolled Continuously after reached to top edge by Dragging

RxCurrency (Author)

A currency converter iOS app for ReactiveX (RxSwift) example


RippleVisibleImageView (Author)

ImageView enabled the foreground especially for a hover effect, which also supports RippleDrawable from API21


Swift Performance (Speaker)

Slide from LetSwift Korea conference. Explanation of WWDC 2016: Understanding Swift Performance.


Yongha Yoo